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YUP! Daylight - Sunshine

MYR 129.00

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Inspired by the sunlight that has been with us since the beginning. Until the end of the day, with hot temperatures But it has the power of attraction. Let us go out to find out, touch it out, go out to live. In our lifetimes we must have one. If not Wake up to see the sunrise, have to sit and watch the sunset. Every moment of the beginning and departure of the sun is always powerful and inspiring. Sunshine on a clear day. There was only the sky, the clouds and the sun, as if there were no obstacles that could stop us.

Product Details

  • Soft mesh top and sides.
  • Soft, foldable brim in OTTOMAN fabric.
  • Ultra-soft, lightweight fabric.
  • Easy clean fabric.
  • Quick-drying, breathable and sweat-wicking.
  • First-class waterproof fabric. (for the brim)
  • Stretch strap on the back. Tight but not tight which is more comfortable to wear for long runs

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