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Tingerlaat Sunlimited SPF 50+ sunscreen


Tingerlaat Sunlimited SPF 50+ sunscreen is made for athletes and professionals exercising in high intensity sports with high sweat rates, where they are highly exposed to the sun or cold under extreme conditions whether at sea, in the mountains or in the desert.

Tingerlaat Sunlimited consists of a triple barrier against UVA and UVB and it contains trehalose, which protects the skin from dehydration. This also makes this sunscreen very resistant to water and sweat under extreme conditions. The sunscreen is easily applied as a gel like creme, which is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving a trace of white textures of sunscreen on the skin. Tingerlaat Sunlimited sunscreen is designed in a very compact format, which fits easily in a pocket, in a bag or backpack, hence being ideal for endurance sports and multiday races where weight and size is essential. The 20 ml container is a thin, short container with a special silicone spout allowing you to apply sunscreen directly on the skin and lips for easier handling and better hygeine. It also has an environmentally friendly profile where Tingerlaat are not using boxes and the sunscreen tubes can be recycled.

Tingerlaat is the official sponsor for the desert race: Marathon Des Sables (MdS)

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