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Soto Stainless Steel Smoke Pot



  • Usage:21cm(D) x 16cm(H) 
  • Storage:21cm(D) x 12cm(H) 
  • Weight: 520g
  • The delicious taste of smoked food is also the perfect accent to the taste of the smoke.
  • The "Kitchen Incense" is a household smoker that allows you to enjoy smoked food at home.
  • As the name suggests, it is easy to create smoked food at home by combining the smoke fragrance into the ingredients.
  • If you want to taste that taste at home you can enjoy the taste that you have eaten at a BBQ
  • The knob on the stainless steel lid is made of wood, so it won't get hot even when smoking, making it convenient for you to check your food
  • Smoking net has a whimsical shape with raised both sides.This floats the lid and exhausts excess smoke
  • The pot body is also made of stainless steel.The handle is foldable for easy storage


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