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Soto Pocket Torch Extended with Cap ST-480C

MYR 145.00

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A small windproof burner with an extended crater. When in use, it can be stretched and safely, and storage can be shortened to make it compact. With crater cap for safety. Prevents malfunctions in your pocket or luggage. It also prevents dust from entering the crater and reduces problems such as ignition failure. A powerful wind-resistant burner with a flame temperature of 1,300 ° C backs up the outdoor scene! Safe ignition for various things. The fuel is refillable. In addition to economical cassette gas, lighter gas can also be used.


  • Weight
    • 52g
  • Dimensions
    • 3.8cm x 1.8cm x 11cm (Extendable to 18.5cm)
  • Flame Temperature
    • 1,300 °C
  • Flame Size
    • 3 x 15mm
  • Highlights
    • Extendable tip design, reaching up to 7.5cm in length
    • Ensures safety while remaining compact
    • Can be used even when the tip is not extended
    • Safety braking design for flame activation
    • Transparent glass allowing you to see the remaining gas content
    • Hole for rope attachment at the end
    • With cap for better safety and prevent dust entering the torch
  • Cautions
    • SOTO Pocket Torch XT compatible fuel:
    • Normal butane
    • Common commercial preparation, containing a mixture of butane, isobutane and propane, comes with 110g, 250g and 500g
    • The product does not contain fuel
    • SOTO Pocket Torch XT may explode when using fuels not listed above!!

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