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Soto Pocket Torch Extended with Cap

145.00 118.90 18%


  • Weight
    • 52g
  • Dimensions
    • 3.8cm x 1.8cm x 11cm (Extendable to 18.5cm)
  • Flame Temperature
    • 1,300 °C
  • Flame Size
    • 3 x 15mm
  • Highlights
    • Extendable tip design, reaching up to 7.5cm in length
    • Ensures safety while remaining compact
    • Can be used even when the tip is not extended
    • Safety braking design for flame activation
    • Transparent glass allowing you to see the remaining gas content
    • Hole for rope attachment at the end
    • With cap for better safety and prevent dust entering the torch
  • Cautions
    • SOTO Pocket Torch XT compatible fuel:
    • Normal butane
    • Common commercial preparation, containing a mixture of butane, isobutane and propane, comes with 110g, 250g and 500g
    • The product does not contain fuel
    • SOTO Pocket Torch XT may explode when using fuels not listed above!!

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