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Soto Outdoor Platinum Lantern SOD-250

MYR 875.00

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The mantle is vulnerable to shocks and requires a squirt for protection. However, the platinum-emitting lantern does not have a mantle, and instead of a sea squirt, it wears a reflector that is robust and has an excellent light-collecting effect. Platinum emission is strong against wind, and this reflector alone can be used without being affected by wind.

  • Dimensions
    • Width 77 mm x Depth 65 x Height 110 mm (when used),
    • Width 33 mm x Depth 58 x Height 142 mm (when stored) Main unit only
  • Weight
    • 210g (main unit only)
  • Illuminance * 1
    • When using 120 lux (equivalent to 80W) SOD-725T and SOD-710T
  • Flue Used
    • SOTO product dedicated container (OD can)
  • Usage Time 
    • Approximately 6.0 hours (when using one SOD-725T)
    • Approximately 2.0 hours (when using one SOD-710T)
  • Ignition Method
    • Piezoelectric ignition method
  • Material
    • Luminous body: Platinum * 2, Head guard / Reflector / Instrument plug knob /
    • Luminous body guard: Stainless steel, Ignition switch / Air adjustment lever: Resin
  • Accessories
    • Dedicated storage case
  • Remarks
    • Cylinders are sold separately.
    • * 1 Measured at a temperature of 25 ° C and 50 cm away from the light source 3 minutes after ignition.
    • * 2 The luminous body (platinum) is a consumable item. Illuminance decreases due to holes or deformation on the surface. Conversion is required if the illumination drops significantly. * Total flash time 100-200 hours is a guideline for replacement. (Depends on natural conditions and fuel used)
    • For outdoor use only.

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