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Soto Minimal Work Top ST-3107

MYR 339.00

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  • Material
    • Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Weight
    • ~600g
  • Dimensions
    • Usage: 37.6cm × 15.3cm × 9.5cm(H)
    •  Storage: 30cm × 15.3cm × 3.3cm(H)


  • Released for Regulator Stove ST-310 (Sold Separately) users. Create your own small kitchen in the great outdoors
  • The minimal worktop is a table that can be combined with the popular regulator stove ST-310 to create your own compact kitchen anytime, anywhere
  • Because it is lightweight and can be stored thinly, it is an item that I would like to recommend as the minimum necessary gear for camping even for solo campers and camping beginners
  • Also compatible with SOTO Minimal Cooker Square ST-3108 (Sold Separately)
  • Made in Japan

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