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Snow Peak Wing Pole 210cm TP-003

MYR 459.00

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  • Snow Peak TP-003
  • Material
  • Aluminum alloy (anodized)
  • Weight
  • 900g
  • Dimensions
  • φ30mm x 210cm (3 joints, each 70cm) 
  • Highlights 
  • The strongest tarp pole in history
  • Lightweight and durable pole with tough specs:
         Snow Peak's HD Tarp series uses a heavy fabric of 210D (denier) and is designed to function reliably even in bad weather. However, the tarp is not perfect even if only the specifications of the curtain are heavy. The poles, ropes, and pegs that support the curtain must be equally tough. The Snow Peak pole is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. The tough pole supports the tough tarp
  • There are 12 patterns of combinations of wing poles 60 cm and 70 cm blanks:
         The length of the wing pole is 60 cm and 70 cm. Depending on the combination of these two types, it can be arranged in 12 different lengths from 120 cm to 280 cm. The standard configuration recommended by Snow Peak is shown in the figure below. Hexa L and Hexa M use two 280 wing poles and four 170 aluminum poles for the sub pole, and the height difference should be at least 110. Since the Lecta M is a medium size, two 240 wing poles are used for the main pole and four 170 aluminum poles are used for the sub pole. It is recommended that the height difference be at least 70
  • Tough specifications with a plate thickness of 1.5 mm and a diameter of 30 mm
  • Uses high-strength aluminum alloy as the material. It is a tough spec that surely supports the stress that the curtain receives
  • Push-type connection: Since the connection is a push button type, it can be easily connected and released by pushing it with your thumb
  • Knurling to prevent slipping: The pin at the tip is knurled to prevent the tarp grommet and rope from coming off
  • Detailed function to prevent disconnection: The pin at the tip is knurled to prevent the tarp grommet and rope from coming off
  • Pole ~ Tarp (Grommet) ~ Rope: Set the tarp (grommet part) on the tip of the pole, and finally hang the rope loop
  • The trick to fix it more securely: Twist the rope loop again for a stronger fit
  • Rubber end cap: A rubber end cap is attached to the part that comes into contact with the ground. Prevents scratches and intrusion of earth and stones and water. A rubber leg cap common to all sizes is available as an option
  • Made in Japan
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