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Snow Peak Pancooker Cookset CS-600

MYR 3,229.00

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  • Snow Peak CS-600
  • Material
  • Main Body: Aluminum (Fluororesin processing / Ceramic baking finish)
  • Main Body Bottom: Iron (Aluminum Spraying)
  • Lid : Aluminum (Ceramic Baking Finish)
  • Knob, Bracket, Handle: Stainless Steel
  • Weight
  • 4kg (including case) 
  • Dimensions
  • Deep 26 Pot:Inner size 26cm(D) × 8.6cm(H)
  • Shallow 26 Pot:Inner size 26cm(D) × 6.1cm(H)
  • Rice 19 Pot:Inner size 19cm(D) × 9cm(H)
  • Storage:28cm(D) × 16.5cm(H)
  • Volume
  • Deep 26 Pot:4.6L
  • Shallow 26 Pot:2.8L
  • Rice 19 Pot : 3.3L
  • Content Includes
  • Deep 26 Pot × 1
  • Shallow 26 Pot × 1
  • Rice 19 Pot × 1
  • Storage bag × 1
  • Higlights
  • A set of a deep frying pan that can also be used as a pot, a shallow frying pan, and a rice cooker that cooks higher-grade rice. It uses Teflon ™ platinum processing and is IH compatible, so it can be used at home. It is a gem that you cannot part with at home or outside
  • An all-in-one cooker set that handles all of "baking," "stir-frying," "simmering," and "fried." A deep frying pan that can also be used as a pot, a shallow frying pan, and a rice cooker that cooks higher-grade rice. Uses Teflon ™ platinum processing. A gem that you will want to use at home as it is IH compatible
  • A deep frying pan that handles all of baking, frying, simmering, and frying in one unit. A shallow frying pan for roasted dishes that require good maneuverability. It is a set of rice cookers that are easy to manage and cook to a higher level of deliciousness
  • Designed for both usability and stacking: It does not take up space for storage at home as well as outdoors
  • Uses The Chemours Teflon ™ platinum finish: It has excellent durability and is treated with high quality fluororesin. In addition to smooth cooking, it is easy to clean. Good fluoride enhances the quality and enjoyment of cooking. "Teflon ™" and "Teflon ™" are trademarks of The Chemours Company. Used by Hokuriku Aluminum Co., Ltd. under license
  • All are IH compatible so that they can be used not only outdoors but also at home
  • The deep frying pan quickly changes to a two-handed pan shape when the handle is removed. After cooking in Deep 26, you can remove the handle and serve it on the table as it is
  • Detachable handle
  • Tightly manage the amount of water with the gauge that allows you to level the pot and control the amount of water 
  • Steam holes that can clearly control steam
  • Rice 19 pot can cook delicious rice that cannot be tasted in ordinary pots How to cook delicious rice
  • Made in Japan
  • Instruction
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