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Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace M ST-033R

MYR 1,169.00

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  • Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace M ST-033R 
  • Material
  • Body:Stainless steel
  • Storage bag:Nylon
  • Weight
  • 3.5 kg 
  • Dimensions
  • Expanded:350×350×248(h)mm
  • Storage:450×515×32mm
  • Content Includes
  • Body
  • Storage bag
  • Highlights
  • A super-standard item that is indispensable for enjoying a bonfire without damaging it naturally
  • The "Bonfire stand", which is produced by employees one by one at the Snow Peak head office factory, changed the rule of prohibiting direct fire to the manners of common sense as a camper, and triggered the birth of a product genre called "Bonfire stand" in the world. It became. A long-selling product that symbolizes Snow Peak
  • A bonfire with a simple opening and closing mechanism, tough stainless steel material, and robust specifications. Not only can you enjoy the bonfire in a lively manner, but you can also enjoy a variety of bonfires and charcoal dishes using charcoal as a heat source
  • Uses tough stainless steel material. The silhouette is an inverted quadrangular pyramid. It is easy to set up just by opening it
  • A size that can be easily used even in solo scenes
  • Even if it is small, its robustness does not change
  • 1.5 mm wide stainless steel is used for the plate material. The legs are also four stainless steel pipes, which firmly receive impact and heat
  • The triangular plate material and the pipe are securely joined by welding technology, and do not dent even with a huge amount of heat
  • Air holes that help combustion and have functional beauty
  • It is a bonfire that you will want to take on a trip
  • We have an optional grill bridge that allows you to arrange various bonfire cooking
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