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Snow Peak Cast Iron Duo Cooker CS-550

MYR 2,290.00

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  • Snow Peak CS-550
  • Material
  • Body:Ductile Cast Iron, Silicone Heat-resistant Coating
  • Handle:Stainless steel
  • Weight
  • Lid:0.5kg
  • Skillet:0.7kg
  • Pot:1.3kg
  • Plates (Frying pan):0.65kg
  • Handle:0.1kg
  • Volume
  • Pot:1.6L
  • Skillet:0.8L
  • Dimensions
  • Lid:16.4cm(D) × 3.9cm(H)
  • Skillet:19.6cm × 16.8cm × 4.8cm
  • Pot:18.8cm × 17.2cm × 10.1cm
  • Plate (Frying pan):19.6cm × 16.8cm × 3.5cm
  • Handle:3cm × 12cm × 0.8cm
  • Highlights
  • A versatile, all-in-one, stackable cast iron cookset made with thin casting technology for savings in both weight and cook time
  • The pot can stack two plates inside while the pot can be fitted into the skillet. Then cover the pot with the lid to form the whole set in one single piece
  • 2 easily removable handles to be used with the plate (frying pan)
  • The pot can cook 1-3 cups of rice which smells and tastes great in good hands
  • The plate can be used as a frying pan
  • Cast iron are known to conduct and store heat well, which is ideal for stewing
  • Also great as a supplementary cookset when you need to cook for a big group
  • Graduated measurement inside the pot for 1-3 cups of rice
  • Handle stopper of the pot prevents the handle from hanging down and touching the flame
  • Made in Japan
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