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Revvies Extra Strength - Arctic Charge 100mg (5 Strips)

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Revvies Energy Strips have been designed to deliver an instant physical and mental boost when you need it. Having a refreshing peppermint and menthol flavour, Revvies Arctic Charge strips are fast to use, can be taken without water and are light and easy on the stomach. Each packet contains 5 energy strips. Revvies Energy Strips are used by professional runners, cyclists, triathletes and sports teams to achieve optimal performance in training and on race and game day. They are also great as a pre-workout boost. The caffeine in Revvies will help you maintain focus and allow you to train and race at peak performance for longer by masking feelings of fatigue, reducing perceived effort, and helping convert fat to energy. With regular consumption (1-2 strips prior to exercise, then one strip every 45 - 60 minutes of exercise), Revvies Energy Strips will help you to burst through your barriers and achieve your goals. Accredited through the Informed-Sport quality assurance program, athletes and consumers alike can have peace of mind about the safety and quality of our products

Here are 5 reasons to try a Revvies:

  • Fast – The strip dissolves on your tongue in 20-30 seconds.
    • Great when you don’t have time to stop.
  • Convenient – It’s so easy to keep a 5-pack with you.
    • As Revvies are small it’s easy to stash a 5-pack in your pocket, sock, gym bag or glovebox, or just about anywhere else you can think of, so there’s no need to find a store or queue every time you want a caffeine boost.
  • Sugar and gluten free and less than 1 calorie per strip.
    • Unlike many caffeinated drinks or types of coffee such as lattes, Revvies has less than 1 calorie.
  • Great before or during exercise.
    • Because Revvies are so fast and easy to carry they are perfect for athletes both before and during exercise. And there’s no worries as each batch is tested by an independent lab as part of the requirements of the independent Informed-Sport program quality assurance program.
  • Cheaper per serve than caffeinated drinks or shots.


Informed-Sport is an independent quality assurance program for sports nutrition products. The program is designed to analyse nutritional supplements and their ingredients for inadvertent contamination with substances prohibited in sport.

Research has shown that some supplements have been found to be contaminated with low levels of steroids and stimulants that are prohibited by WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency. The program certifies that all nutritional products and ingredients that bear the Informed-Sport logo have been tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping lab, LGC.


Every Revvies strip contains 100mg of caffeine. The caffeine is encapsulated in vegetable oil, which is infused on a starch base, with a small amount of flavouring and sweetener. Revvies are gluten-free, sugar-free and less than 1 calorie per strip.

Each strip only weighs 211 milligrams in total. Serving size is 1-2 strips.

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