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Purasana Raw Spirulina Powder 200g


The edible blueish-green spirulina algae from Southern India contains a wide variety of natural nutrients and is considered to be a protein-rich vegetable product packed with essential amino acids which act as important building materials for the body. Thanks to the chlorophyll present, this ancient algae has a purifying effect on the intestines and body and makes an excellent breeding ground for intestinal flora.

100% organic spirulina powder(Arthrospira platensis) from India.

Allergen Information
For allergens, please see ingredients in bold

Nutritional Information
Portion Size 100 g
Energy - kJ 1627 per 100g / 1627 Per Portion
Energy - kcal 389 per 100g / 389 Per Portion
Fat (g) 6.9 per 100g / 6.9 Per Portion
Fa of which Saturated (g) 3.3 per 100g / 3.3 Per Portion
Carbohydrates (g) 17 per 100g / 17.0 Per Portion
Carbohydrates of which Sugars (g) 0 per 100g / 0.0 Per Portion
Fibre (g) 0 per 100g
Protein (g) 66 per 100g / 66.0 Per Portion
Salt (g) 1.0 per 100g / 1.00 Per Portion

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