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POLAR Verity Sense Optical Heart Rate Sensor

MYR 499.00

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Polar Verity Sense is a versatile high-quality optical heart rate sensor that measures heart rate from your arm or temple. Polar Verity Sense is a great alternative to heart rate chest straps and wrist-based devices. You can use it with the product's armband, swimming goggle strap clip, or just place it anywhere snug and firm against your skin. Polar Verity Sense allows maximum freedom of movement and works in countless different sports. As a highlight, Polar Verity Sense records heart rate, distance, pace and turns when you swim in the pool. You can record your workouts in the internal memory and transfer workout data to your phone afterwards or you can connect it to a compatible device and follow your heart rate in real time during your workout.


  • Comfort: Polar Verity Sense keeps your wrist free for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Just slip it on your arm, clip it on your swimming goggles, or place it snug and firm against your skin under tight-fitting clothing.
  • Convenience: With only one button, using Polar Verity Sense couldn't be easier. Just switch it on and then put it on your arm or temple and you’re ready to start your workout right away.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and ANT+ guarantee a large variety of devices that you can connect Polar Verity Sense with. You can have two simultaneous Bluetooth connections.
  • Diversity: Polar Verity Sense suits countless different sports. You can either follow your heart rate in real time on a connected device or app or record your session and transfer your data to your phone afterwards.
  • Swimmer's best companion: Conveniently in its swimming goggle strap clip against your temple, Polar Verity Sense tracks your heart rate, swimming turns, distance and pace automatically in the pool.
  • High quality optical heart rate tracking (6 LED solution)
  • Long battery life: 24 hours on a single charge
  • Internal memory: 16 MB, 600 hours of training time

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