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POLAR Ignite 2 Fitness Watch

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The Polar Ignite 2 fitness watch is sleek, simple and smart. Get personalized guidance for workouts, recovery and sleep – in a beautifully designed watch that looks and feels good 24/7.

Confidence That's Ready-To-Wear
Glow up with Ignite 2! Choose from a variety of colors and accessory bands to fit your personality perfectly. Change the watch face to match your current mood and feel confident in any situation.

Get Strong, Stay Healthy
Stay motivated and crush your goals. With personalized guidance for your workouts, sleep and recovery you can understand your body better and form healthy habits that work for you.

The Tech That Helps You Stay On Top
Create the lifestyle that gives you confidence with the help of our fitness tracking, sleep and recovery insights. With added features like music controls, weather forecast and push notifications – you have everything you need to come back stronger.

Music To Your Ears
Music controls

Keep Connected
Phone notifications

Add A Touch of Color
Customize with wristbands and watch faces


  • Long battery life : Polar Ignite 2 gives you up to 5 days in watch mode, or up to 20 hours of continuous training time.
  • Integrated GPS : GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS with assisted GPS for fast fix times.
  • Advanced wrist-based heart rate : Polar Ignite tracks heart rate with the Precision Prime™ sensor fusion technology.*
  • Nightly Recharge™ : The Nightly Recharge™ recovery measurement shows you how well you recover from the demands of your day during the night.
  • FitSpark™ : Get ready-made daily workouts that match your recovery, readiness and training history.
  • Serene™ breathing exercise : Relax your body and calm down your mind with the help of a guided breathing exercise.
  • Phone notifications : Stay connected with notifications from your phone. Get alerts for incoming calls, messages, emails, calendar events and more.
  • Music controls : Easily navigate around your playlist and adjust volume straight on your watch. You also get a weather forecast and push notifications to your watch screen.
  • Energy Sources : See how your body uses different energy sources during a training session. Polar Ignite 2 divides your energy usage into carbs, proteins and fats.
  • Weekly Summary : Easy access to your weekly training stats, history and plans, straight on your watch.
  • Watch face color themes : Choose the color of your watch face from multiple options and match with your wristband.
  • Weather : Check current weather info and a 2-day forecast straight on your watch.
  • Running Program : Get a personal and adaptive training plan that fits you and your goals.
  • Swimming metrics : Polar Ignite 2 automatically detects your heart rate, swimming style, distance, pace, strokes and rest times. Distance and strokes get tracked also in open water swimming.
  • Sport profiles : Polar Ignite 2 supports over 130 different sports. Add your favorite sports to your watch in Polar Flow and customize what you see on your watch during each sport.
  • Heart rate sensor mode : Use your Polar Ignite 2 to track and display live heart rate on apps, Bluetooth-compatible gym equipment or Polar Club.

What's in the Box:

  • Polar Ignite 2 fitness watch
  • Wristbands (two size options included)
  • Charging cable
  • Polar Ignite 2 user manual
  • Information note

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