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Petromax Transport Bag for Fire Kettle FK1/FK2


In this bag made of robust ripstop fabric, the Petromax Fire Kettle is well protected, for the tearproof material is even upholstered from the inside The handles of the bag are reinforced and ensure a comfortable use The bag saves a lot of space on the way thanks to the long two-way zip fastener and the extensions on the sides When the Fire Kettle is unpacked, the bag is also suitable for collecting wood or transporting other things. Available in two sizes Easy to clean: Thanks to the black color of the bag, small stains go unnoticed. If the bag becomes dirty nonetheless, the hard-wearing material can be washed clean with water or in the washing machine


  • Material: Ripstop Fabric
  • Weight: For fk1: ~140g For fk2: ~190g
  • Dimensions:
  • For fk1:  28cm x 17cm x 17cm usage)               26cm x 26cm x 3.5cm (storage)
  • For fk2: 36cm x 18.5cm x 18.5cm (usage)              28cm x 28cm x 5cm (storage)

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