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Petromax Fire Anchor


With the Petromax Fire Anchor, you will turn your campfire into a practical and versatile cooking area – grill function included – without even thinking The Fire Anchor made of coated steel can be easily anchored into the ground next to your campfire, the Atago or the Fire Bowl, and it offers diverse options for cooking outdoors You can prepare delicious meals with the Dutch oven (up to size ft6 included), boil water in the Teakettle for some hot tea or grill vegetable skewers, sausages, etc. on the practical grilling grate. The arms make it possible: The Fire Anchor is delivered to you with a central pole, three flexible arms and a grilling grate. The grilling grate with a raised edge is to be attached to one of the arms. You can also hang barbecue gloves or the BBQ and Coal Tongs from the extra notch. Each of the other two arms has three notches from which varied cooking utensils can be hung. The arms can be placed separately on the central pole at your desired direction and height. Stable on solid ground: Before using the Fire Anchor, you must always check that the ground is solid enough for fixing the Fire Anchor in it, so that it is stable and secure. Moreover, you should always make sure that the weight is balanced when cooking with heavy Dutch ovens to ensure that the cooking area is steady


  • Materials:
  • Fire Anchor: Steel, powder-coated
  • Grilling Grate: Steel, chrome-plated
  • Dimensions: Height over the ground : 103.5 cm
  • Length of arm with grilling grate and notch : 66.5 cm
  • Length of arms with 3 notches : 66.5 cm
  • Dimensions: of grilling grate : 39cm x 39 cm
  • Weight: 6.7kg

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