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Maurten Gel 100


The Maurten GEL 100 12-Pack brings a boost of caffeine to its high-performing energy gel. Rather than adding unwanted flavors or acids to hide the bitterness of caffeine, Maurten uses their unique hydrogel technology to offer a unique profile with low sweetness and low bitterness.

Once digested, the acidity of your stomach transforms the mix into a hydrogel which encapsulates a high amount of carbs and caffeine, before transporting them to be effectively absorbed within your intestines resulting in hydration and energy. With only 7 simple and natural ingredients, the flavor is neutral and GI distress is avoided since the gel is not broken down in your stomach. This gel should be consumed before, during, or after your runs.


  • 12 individual serving packages
  • Neutral flavour with all-natural ingredients
  • No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives
  • Forms hydrogel in the stomach and efficiently absorbs in the intestines
  • Maximum energy from carbs and hydration from water and salt
  • The gel of choice for elite runners Eliud Kipchoge, Mo Farah, and Desiree Linden

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