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LEDLENSER NEO10R Rechargeable Headlamp

MYR 498.00

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The NEO10R, the top performer of the NEO series, will help you blaze trails in the darkness. Whether you are going cross-country, uphill or downhill, the 600 lumens from the NEO10R guide you with precision when trail running. Armed with our Advanced Focus System and pivoting head, the light can be focused and adjusted to any circumstance that comes your way. Rechargeable, durable and versatile, the NEO10R is an essential piece of gear for any serious runner.

Advanced Focus System™
Traditionally, light-focusing systems have consisted of either a lens, or a reflector. The Advanced Focus System (AFS) is the patented combination of a reflector AND lens to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogenous spill-beam for up-close reading. AFS means whether you’re reading a map up close or focusing down the path to a landmark in the distance, your light will be easy on the eyes, clear and bright.

Rapid Focus
With our Rapid Focus system you can go from reading to searching by using the thumb on your holding hand to simply slide the bezel away from you. With one hand and one movement, you can achieve seamless transition from close to far and all points in between.

Temperature Control System
Hard work leaves our lights cold: A Ledlenser never gets too hot, regardless of how much you use it. This protects you from burns and the LED from overheating.

Transportation Lock
With the Transportation Lock feature confidently pack your Ledlenser without the need to worry about accidental power-ups that could leave you with a dead battery.

Tech Spec:

  • Lumens : Max 600 Lumens, Min 10 Lumens
  • Weight With Batteries : 179 g
  • Max Distances : [High] 150 m,[Low] 20 m 
  • Max Burn Time :[High] 120 H, [Low] 10 H
  • IPX Rating : IP54
  • Batteries : 1X 18650 Li-ion

What is included: 

  • Ledlenser NEO10R Rechargeable Headlamp
  • Extension Cord
  • USB Cable
  • Chest Belt
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 
  • Optional: Battery Bundle - 1 Additional Battery
  • 5-Years Warranty (7-Years Warranty, If register online)

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