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KZM Monogram Hygee Chair Black


It combines a monogram pattern style that harmoniously fits in various places, and you can enjoy a free camping style both outdoors and at home. It is a camping chair that can be used comfortably while seated with a stable structure design for rest and a wide backrest line. A sturdy and lightweight steel frame is applied, and it is a stable camping chair with a load capacity of 80Kg. Polyester fabric with a strong and durable structure is used, and it is waterproof, so you can use it by wiping it lightly if it is contaminated by moisture. There is a mesh pocket located on the side of the curved chair, so you can easily store cups or small items. It is a camping chair that can be easily moved and carried anywhere, anytime with a dedicated carry bag and a convenient folding chair.


  • Brand: KZM
  • Materials :polyester, steel
  • Includes :chair, carry bag
  • Weight :2.8Kg
  • Load capacity:80kg
  • Dimensions: In use- 64x47x(h)66cm / When stored- 71x13x13cm



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