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KZM Extension Carry Bag 55L

MYR 259.00

Extension carrier that can be space-adjusted according to the amount received. The amount of storage can be adjusted for a variety of applications, from light picnics to camping. It can be adjusted simply using a zipper. The durable poly-tone allows for reliable movement of large quantities of objects. The cushions on the handle and the length adjustment shoulder straps allow for comfortable movement.


  • Cushioned handle
  • Extendable storage
  • Material : PVC, PE BOARD
  • Component : Bag, Shoulder strap, Seperate board, Floor fixed board
  • Size: 1 Stage- 50 x 32 x 33cm (±2cm)
  • 2 Stage- 50 x 32 x 40cm (±2cm)
  • Storage- 50 x 34 x 8cm (±2cm)
  • Weight : 1.7Kg

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