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Kupilka Kaarna M- Brown


KAARNA M provides all your favorite fruits and cheeses on a beautiful surface. This durable 8mm thick Kaarna has a sturdy quality. The Finnish word "kaarna" refers to the bark of a tree trunk, which protects the tree from damage, disease and even forest fires.

Height 8 mm x Width 223 mm x Length 270 mm

Eco-type Kupilka tableware can withstand boiling hot water and zero temperature below -30°C. You can wash dishes in the dishwasher in the field or at home. These products are made from our own bio-materials using EKOenergy, and each product is beautifully aged and maintains its quality. You can check the freshness of the woody aroma in the product-the stronger the aroma, the newer the product! In order to ensure the longevity of tableware, we do not recommend placing them in a microwave, stove or open flame. At the end of the product's useful life, it can be recycled, incinerated to obtain heat or returned to the manufacturer for reuse. Kupilka packaging is made of recycled cardboar

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