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Goodr BFGs Sports Sunglasses - Iced By Sas-squat

225.00 185.00 18%

We know you work on your No Rep arm extension and hand form in the mirror before class, Monica. So why don't you pair that smug look on your face with this pair of Iced by Sas-Squat white-framed blue-lensed glasses? That blue lens will definitely cover up that pleased twinkle in your eye when you no rep Troy for the 7th time this week.


  • No Slip - We use special grip coating to construct our frame to help eliminate slippage when sweating.
  • No Bounce - Our frame is snug and light-weight, with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing while running.
  • All Polarised - Glare-reducing, polarized lenses and UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • No Leopards - Plus, no one wearing goodr running sunglasses has ever been attacked by a leopard (as far as we know).
  • All Coverage - Wider polarized lenses provide more coverage, which also acts as a great disguise when you order your 13th John Daly after the beer cart staff has cut you off.

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