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Fenix AOD-S White Diffuser Tip

MYR 19.00

If you'd like to diffuse the blinding flashlight in your pack, get the Fenix Flashlight AOD-S White Diffuser Tip. It is designed to work with flashlights to give you a much more manageable light or softer light when conditions warrant. Use it as a table lantern on those late night dinners back at the campsite after a day of hiking the trails, or as soft lighting in the tent before bedtime. The Diffuser Tip is made of PC 2805 plastic created by Bayer Material Science AG. This plastic material is heat-resistant, pressure-resistant and impact-resistant. Diffuse the light and convert your flashlight into a lantern, signaling light, reading light or tent light, etc. Diffuser fits Fenix E25, E35, PD22, PD32, LD12 and LD22 (see SKU's: FNXE25, FNXPDUE, FNXPD32 and FNXLD22). The Diffuser measures (L x D): 1.96" x 2.6" (49.8mm x 66mm) and weighs 1.6oz (45.36g).


  • Can soften the light and work as a camping light, signal light, reading light, tent light, etc.
  • New first-class material made of a special optical material
  • Durable and impact resistant
  • Easy attachment and operation

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