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Fenix 14500 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

MYR 39.00

Please note that due to international postal regulations we are unable to ship Li-ion batteries outside of the Mainland United Kingdom unless they are fitted inside a flashlight, headlamp, bike light or lantern. If this is the case any other non rechargeable batteries which would normally be supplied will be removed.

Fenix ARB-L14-800 14500 is a Premium Quality High Capacity 14500, 800mAh Lithium - ion battery specifically designed for high intensity flashlight use and is the perfect companion for the Fenix LD11.


  • High capacity (800mAh)
  • Triple overheat protection for safety and reliability
  • Built-in over charge over discharge and short circuit protection
  • Unique structural design for better impact resistance
  • Protection circuit built into battery casing for durability and reliability
  • Retains 75% capacity after 500 charge cycles
  • Charge current: recommended-400 mAh, Max: 800 mAh

A premium quality 14500 battery with safety and reliability at its core.

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