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Because there is a mountain there.

"Even if you choose by design only, you will not use it after all. The cap is a gear."
Trail running cap with amazing lightness (33 g) and excellent fit.
Updated functionality by incorporating many runners' requests.
A lightweight, highly flexible and stretchable material is used for each part, making it comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.
A highly breathable mesh that covers most of the head and a material that is both waterproof and breathable will not compromise comfort even in hot and humid environments.
Even if you sweat a lot, the ventilation mesh structure of the crown and sweatband makes it difficult to flow on your forehead.
Adjustable belt around the back of the head and depth adjustment fastener at the top of the head (patent pending) allows you to set your own comfortable position. You can also store the extra adjustment belt when you wear the light.
The short visor, which uses a lightweight and flexible core material, is highly pack-able and can be compactly rolled without losing its shape.
A new trail running cap that combines high technology and excellent materials.
Made in Japan.

[Size] One size fits all (53-61cm)
[Material] 100% polyester
[Country of origin ] Japan

FEELCAP has redesigned the conventional design from scratch, approaching the functions required for different depths and widths, materials and shapes, and sports tailored to Asian people from all angles to pursue high fit and comfort.

Effectively using a polyhedral structure that creates a more circular shape and materials with different stretch properties that improve fit. In addition, unique cutting that has been calculated so that the shape of the head and face look beautiful when worn. With a stretch back panel that replaces the conventional size adjuster, the depth of the head, the amount of hair, and the unique structure that allows you to customize and customize your own depth depending on the presence or absence of sunglasses, FEELCAP has unprecedented functionality. Creates an entirely new comfort.

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