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Kupilka Premium M-Kupilka 5,21,55,44,Cutlery


Premium box is high-quality, ecological and insightful gift packaging made by the local Kolo Design Oy in Finland. Ecological cup containers can withstand both boiling water and -30 ° C frost. Dishes can be washed by hand in nature or in the dishwasher when you return home. The products are made from our own biomaterial with EKOenergy, and they patinate beautifully without losing their quality. The freshness of a cup can be tested for the smell of wood - the stronger the smell, the newer the product! In order to keep Kupilka at your disposal for as long as possible, we do not recommend placing the product on a microwave, stove or open fire. At the end of the life cycle, the product can be recycled, incinerated for thermal energy or returned to the manufacturer for reuse. Kupilka packaging is recycled cardboard.


  • Kupilika 5, Kupilka 55, Kupilka 21, Kupilka 44 dan Kupilka Cutlery Set


  • Package weight: 1250 g
  • Package dimensions: 105 x 235 x 330 mm
  • Premium and Platinum boxes are produced locally by Kolo Design. Finnish design boxes with beautiful hinge detailing (pat. pending).

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