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Fenix ALP-MT Holster (Khaki)

MYR 69.00

The Fenix ALP-MT holster is perfect for holding your flashlights, knives, multi-tools, and other small gear. Keeping your favorite tools close at hand, this flashlight pouch sits comfortably on your hip or attached to a bag. A great feature of the holster is its adjustable velcro strap, which allows it to fit a wide assortment of flashlights and tools. It is built to last and is resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions. Not only is the Fenix flashlight holster reliable, but its durability gives it an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. 


    • Wide compatibility with Fenix flashlight models:
    • With Head downward:
      • TK Series: TK09, TK15UE and TK16
    • With the Head Upward/Downward
      • PD Series: PD32, PD35, PD35TAC
      • LD Series: LD12 and LD22
      • E Series: E30R, E35UE
      • UC Series: UC30, UC35

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