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Coleman- Lantern Duo LED Asia


Product Description:

◇400 lumen lanterns with the Universal Serial Bus port where there is the charge of the carrying
The luminescent panel automatically charges it if I return it to a main unit
The body turns on even if I take off a luminescent panel

■Brightness: About 400lm (lumen /High), about 40lm (lumen /Low)
A panel: About 100lm (lumen /High), approximately 10m (lumen /Low), about 100lm (lumen /Spot)
■A use valve: LED
■Size: Approximately 12*9*19 (h)cm
■Weight: Approximately 650 g
■Materials: ABS resin, others
■A use power supply: *4 alkali monomorphism dry cell (separate sale)
■Waterproofing performance: IPX4 correspondence (I endure the spray from all directions for ten minutes)


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