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Kusmi Tea Green Teas Miniature Sampler Set 5 x 25g


Kusmi Tea Green Teas Miniature Sampler Set 5 x 25g

The Green Teas Sampler is an assortment of five green teas in mini tins, perfect for discovering or sharing our green teas. Our Jasmine green tea will delight fans of floral flavors, while our Ginger-Lemon green tea features a tangy, slightly spicy flavor. Imperial Label is a sweet indulgence with its subtle blend of orange, cinnamon and licorice. Rose green tea reveals its delicate flavor slowly, and Spearmint green tea provides a refreshing experience.

Jasmine green tea : Green tea, jasmine flowers (2%). , Ginger and lemon-flavored green tea : Green tea, flavourings. , Flavoured blend of Green tea, orange, cinnamon and spices: Green tea (44%), liquorice roots, ginger, cardamom, flavourings, orange peel (2%), cinnamon bark (1%), aniseed, sea buckthorn. , Rose green tea : Green tea, rose petals (1%), flavouring. , Spearmint green tea: Green tea, spearmint leaves (4%), mint essential oil.

Product Claims
Suitable For
Ovo Lacto Vegetarians
Lactose Intolerence
Ovo Vegetarians

Storage Information
Store in a cool, dry place

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