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Clif Bars are now available at BigBigPlace, and seriously, we have tried them personally, and we are hooked! Extremely delicious and wholesome. Try one and give us some feedback.
NUTRITION FOR SUSTAINED ENERGY: CLIF BAR is made to feed the adventure in all of us. Our bars are purposefully crafted to deliver the protein, fiber, and carbs to sustain active bodies. A perfect energy snack to fuel up with, before, or during activity.
WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: Keeping your energy up never tasted so good. Every bar is made with wholesome non-GMO ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, organic rolled oats, and real chocolate.
DELICIOUS FLAVORS, ENDLESS VARIETY: Satisfy any taste with a dazzling array of craveable CLIF BAR flavors to choose from.

ENERGY ON THE GO: Power up with wholesome, delicious energy, all wrapped up and ready to go.
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